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Article: Recommended Web Resources

There's a lot of great sites and resources for you out there for your computer and designing needs. I don't know if these are the best, but here's the ones I currently use and have used, and would recommend! This article might be a wee bit outdated, but for the most part it should be fine!


Dynamic Drive. It provides a lot of spiffy scripts that you can use to optimize your web site. They always have something that can help make your site stand out, and it doesn't require too much HTML knowledge since it's mostly copy and paste. I've posted a few of their scripts that I found really useful on this site.


Extreme Tracking. It's the best free tracking service out there. The only downside is that they do make you put a really ugly and huge image linking back to them on every page. I tried downsizing their image and linking them on the front site instead, but they found me and suspended my tracking until I fixed it!

Stat Counter. This is another good tracking service. It's free, you can customize it a lot more than you can with Extreme Tracking, although it doesn't go into quite as much detail. The good thing is, you don't have to have a huge link back to them or any link back at all!


Filezilla. I used to use AbsoluteFTP, which is a fairly good FTP system, but then I discovered that Filezilla does all the same things and for free. This is the most widely used free FTP service on the web right now.


Dafont.Com. I've found a lot of really lovely fonts here. They have an immense collection and very easy navigation.

Domain Name Registration

Namecheap. I register my domains at Namecheap and always have. They increased their prices slightly since 2001, but they've always been a good and reliable service. They always have a coupon promotion going on too that takes about 10% off. You can find the current coupon code here.

Domain Hosting

Calindora. I haven't had a single minute of downtime as far as I know with them (been over half a year now!) and I have everything I need! Very reliable host, great support, and I definitely recommend them.


Paint Shop Pro. I use PSP7 for most of my graphics. I don't think you can even download that from their site anymore, it's so old and outdated, but as you can see, it works for me. :]

Photoshop CS3. Photoshop is the most widely used graphics program out there, and there is a reason! I simply stick to PSP because I'm used to it, but this program can be very versatile and useful. The downside is that it's so expensive.


Open Canvas. This is a great program to draw on if you own a tablet and whatnot. There's enough features to accomplish what you need and it's simple enough to figure out and use.

Spyware Elimination

Spybot: Search & Destroy. It finds any spyware that's on your computer and destroys them... for the most part, unless they're that sort of persistant spyware that keeps coming back. But it's a good start. It also has TeaTimer which blocks registry changes without your permission and monitors processes.


phpBB. It's pretty good as far as free forums go. If you want to go another step up, you can always purchase vBulletin, but that's pretty expensive. Mine work just fine with phpBB version 3, though. And if you want cute skins, you can always visit my phpBB3 skins section.

Click Tracker

CCount. This is a great program that lets you track how many times a link on your site has been clicked. It's useful information for your downloads, affiliates. etc :]

Button / Banner Rotation

Neskaya Tutorial. I've had people ask me how to do a button rotation, so just follow my tutorial here.