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In Your Eyes Layout

I originally made this layout with Livejournal in mind (you can also find the layout in Neskaya's LJ layouts section. Now I'm converting the LJ layout to a web template one, since it could be used for other things too. ^_^ It's probably ideal for a blog layout, or whatever~ This layout features an image from Full Moon wo Sagashite. Please read the terms of use before using the layout. The important thing to remember is not to tamper with my credits - thank you. :D

Download the Layout

To download, you must be registered and logged in at the forums. While you're there, won't you drop in and say hi if you've found the site helpful at all? We love to make new friends. Anyway, once you're logged in, you'll be able to download the layout:

Download the Layout

Thank you and have a good day. Just edit the index.html file in Notepad once downloaded! Go back to Neskaya.Net for more resources?